June 26, 2013

Your storm, your voice

bled through my veins like poison.

Infection spread and it was too late. 

Hypnotized by the idea of you..

Deluded by the lies..

Anything to make me smile.. Anytime. 

A natural laugh,

A shoulder to cry on.

A genuine look in your eye

it all went to shit.

Better yet, did it ever exist?

I sit alone, 

mind racing,

I’m alone in my mind

taking a breath from time to time.

Did it ever exist? 

Tormented by this. 

Blinded with a hazy mind, 

dizzy with your words-

Orbiting my head. 

I can’t quit you now- 

Your storm.

Your storm comes.

Rips with a fictitious loyalty. 

The night falls, 

your lips on someone else. 

Morning arises, 

you step faithlessly into another exhausting day.

Wheezing the corrupt words your kind eyes promise.

An elusive preditor to the opposite sex

pitching.. transcending ...

And your storm 

quickly became my biggest obstacle. 

Hurdles jacked so high, 

a weak girl, left with nothing but to comply. 

Your storm.. 

became my best lesson

Your Storm. 

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