Between these walls 

 Junes 27, 2007

Would you still feel the same

if you knew

what went on in between these walls

if you knew

how a family drove a girl phsyco..

the abuse towards her soul

physical, emotional abuse- 

tore her whole life apart

burned her up, 

turned her pupils into black holes.

would you still feel the same

if you only knew

how ugly someone could be?

would you still keep this house if you knew as much as me?

tore her down everyday

from the moment she woke up, 

til the moment she fell asleep

called her mean nicknames 

hit her in the face

told her she was a fuck up, 

complete disgrace. 

would you still feel the same 

if you woke up one night 

hearing the horror that happened..

all the nights

between these walls

screaming alcoholic, 

running down the halls.

to a door she refused to get a lock for. 

because behind that door

was a scared little rich girl

that had always been poor.

a poor little rich girl 

who had nothing to hide behind except her own skin. 

poor little rich girl 

who ended up with you as a mom. 

poor little girl

who was brainwashed all along. 

you don’t deserve 

how she stands by you. 

you don’t deserve anyone

or anything cause of what i watched you do- to that girl

and the rest of the family...

is disgusting. 

let me tell you

wouldn’t feel the same

if you know this girl.. 

or knew my name. 

if you heard the story I had to tell. 

about a girls life thats a complete hell. 

got to overwhelmed ... 

and lost herself.

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