I'm sorry for not being the adventure,

That mediterranean blood you crave.

I'm sorry for being a stable, loyal woman..

Who stands by your side when others vanish.

I'm sorry for treating you like the king they didn't, or did but you ran as well. 

I'm sorry for not being the light of your life

I'm sorry you don't love me the way I do you..

I'm sorry my drive isn't on point.

I'm sorry for all the love I've sent your way

The beautiful life I tried to give.

I'm sorry for wanting to be a part of your life and move to a new world with you..

I'm sorry you don't want that.

I'm sorry you'll miss out..

I'm sorry you'll regret this..

With a flaming passion when all the babes, palm trees, cocaine, and whiskey start to bore you.

You'll miss my smile.. the smell of my skin.

My messy car.. my heavy breathing. 

You'll miss this genuine love.

You won't be hungry for Hollywood after you're chewed up and spit out with empty film canisters and cigarette burns.

Chewed up, and spit out..

In your morning coffee.

And I, only to fall in love all over again..

..Maybe this time I'll be worth it. 

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