November 11, 2009


A random encounter

 a presence entered into my life

thankful days

for you and I.

Gazed into your eyes

brought me to into your life.

Took a lost girl under your wing

showed her light..

made her sing.

Each visit a different emotion present,

a challenge to take on

for she’s a part of your day

a part of your dreams. 

Came out of no where..

But I PROMISE I’m exactly what I seem.

Burst in your door

shit everywhere

it was hard to believe.

diminished agenda.. 

it’s all up in the air, I don’t want you to leave..

It’s raining today,

it matters now

it does, come to me. 

Today was the day

I saw who you are.

serious attitude- 

I see you now.

I know you inside and out


A breakthrough through a breakdown.

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