Finally found someone Worth the heartache

Found someone to hold my head When I cry for you

I finally found someone Who takes my breath away

And catches me on my way down

A bond that seems to grow deeper.. As you grow further away

Which is okay with me And better for us.

A love I once lust for

A love I once couldn’t live without

A friend I found in you a companion ….till it all turned around

A sick emotion churns in my stomach at the thought of your playful face

A flash back to all those empty promises ….Those Compromising days

I picture you now as your mirage floats through my mind

And I stand strong now as the woman you’ll grow to despise

I found a person who brings me something to put a simple smile on my face-Thats all

When it was like pulling teeth Just to get you to call

What am I fighting for? Lies and empty promises.. What am I fighting for?

A hopeless place that I found in just the right time spent years fighting, losing

Today I take back whats mine

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