2:44 PM

Rain falling on the skylight,

Tear drops on my pillow.. 

I think of you.

I think of you 

And how we met

What a lucky day it was. 

My minds been consumed

With everything about you. 

And I can’t see you..

Without getting sick.

Minutes turn to hours

Suddenly another days gone.

I think of the moves I make

things I say, 

how and if they’d effect you.

Rains still falling, 

And I am too

Deeper and deeper, into you

Rains still falling

And I am too.

Rains still falling

Completely consumed.

Wish it could be easy

To just make it work-

But I know it can’t 

Consumed and hurt.

Wish it could be easier 

For you and I. 

To take control of our feelings

Not have to hide.

Rains still falling and I’m still here 

Can’t shake the thought

Of that kiss.

Of your stupid mouth noises

Your stupid cuffed pants,

Your goddamn music

That makes me dance. 

Of your stupid laugh, 

That perfect smile..

And that look you give me when you think I’m cute.

Theres really no way around it, 

Trust me, 

Theres no way to control it.

So here we go, 

Just trust me when I tell you.. I love you

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