Fed me your sickness
October 18, 2016 2:03 PM

You fed me your sickness 
And I took it and ran..
Ate it up like I'd be starving for days-

I was only a child.

It seeped into my veins. 
Rotted my soul
And while burrowing in my body- it ate me alive 

You apologized,

once again.

You moved on, forgot what was said
While I lie there weak
And now sick in the head-

You fed me your sadness,
And I gulped it up-  
Hoping you'd never have to feel it again

I sat there suffering;
From your life
A suffering that isn't even my own-

You suckered me back in to your feverish illness.
Selfishly, even after all the work I'd done.

No choice but to succumb to you're disease, 

after all, you are the hand that feeds.

my drained soul, 

Treading at the bottom of the well

screaming and drowning from your tears.

As if it were my own decisions that put you where you are

Your sick words of the past that I have buried,

suppressed to forget.

You're still dwelling in that world of sadness and pain
And you can't let me go 

But I am going to take it for what it is

And run-

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